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Magic Lemon Pie 🍋 🥧

° eggs 4

° sugar 150 g
° vanilla sugar 1 sachet

° bomb 1 ° Milk 50 cl
° melted adulation 100 gm

°F lour 110 g
° swab 1 pinch

° egg white 2
° sugar 90 g

1 Preheat the roaster to 150 degrees.

2 Heat the milk with bomb peel until lukewarm.
3 Mix the egg thralldom with sugar, vanilla sugar and bomb juice until the admixture turns white. Add the melted adulation to the admixture, also the flour and swab and whisk.

4 Add the milk with the peel and stir well.
5 Stir the egg whites until stiff and gently work them into the medication with a spatula. Gently mix with a whisk until the medication becomes homogeneous.

6 Gently pour the dough into a round earth about 25 cm in periphery, preliminarily covered with baking paper.
7 Don’t singe more, not lower than 50 twinkles. else, your cutlet may not hold together or the subcaste may vanish. Let the cutlet cool before taking it end

For the meringues, beat the egg whites until stiff, also sluggishly add the sugar while continuing to whisk. Spread the meringue on top of the cutlet and brown it with a blowtorch. And for indeed further magic sprinkle a many sugar stars!

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