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2 mugs of flour
mug white
4 eggs
160 ml of oil painting
120 ml milk
1 teaspoon baking greasepaint
1 pinch of swab
1 tablespoon vanilla substance

preheat the roaster to 180 °C.

Sift the flour together with the baking greasepaint and the pinch of swab in a coliseum, mix well and set away.
In another coliseum place the eggs and beat them at low speed for 5 twinkles.

Add the mug of sugar and continue beating for another nanosecond, once the time has passed add the oil painting and the vanilla substance, continue beating until well incorporated.
Gradationally add the flour admixture, each time you incorporate this admixture add a little milk, continue beating at low speed until the rest is incorporated.

Place the muffins on the baking visage and add the admixture to3/4 of its capacity.
Singe at 180 °C( 350 °F) for 25 twinkles( to check if they’re ready you can do the toothpick test.

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