Chocolate Chip Pound cutlet.

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Chocolate Chip Pound cutlet.
6 large eggs
mug sugar
2 mugs all purpose flour
1 mug vegetable oil painting
1 tbsp vanilla sugar or vanilla excerpt
1 tbsp baking greasepaint
mug mini chocolate chips
1/2 mug chocolate saccharinity
preheat roaster to 350 F grease two 6×3 inch loaf kissers
beat eggs and sugar using electric mixer until light and ethereal.
add all purpose flour and oil painting alternatively. add vanilla sugar and baking greasepaint; blend until just combined.
pour about1/4 of the batter into each loaf visage. mizzle 2 tbsp chocolate saccharinity over the batter. produce marbling by using a cutter to curve chocolate saccharinity in the batter.
sprinkle mottled batter with mini chocolate chips,
reprise with the alternate visage.
divide the remaining half of the batter unevenly between the two half filled loaf kissers
. mizzle batter again with chocolate saccharinity and sprinkle each with remaining chocolate chips.
Singe 45 twinkles, or until toothpick placed into center comes outclean.remove from roaster and cool.

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