” fresaflan”

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” fresaflan”
5 eggs
1 can faded milk
1 can Candy Condensed Milk
1 original Cream rubbish
mug Brown sugar
3 tbs vanilla excerpt
1 Box Strawberry cutlet Mix
Heat over 425 degrees. Mix veritably well your eggs, milks, vanilla, cream rubbish. Prep oven dish with cuisine spray veritably well. Melt in small visage over medium heat your sugar till fully melted.
Pour sugar in scattered visage. Pour your admixture in visage as well. Put oven dish in roaster and cook a BAÑO MARIA for 30 twinkles. Make your strawberry cutlet blend according to box instructions. When 30 min pass. Take flan out and pour cutlet blend precisely and indeed over flan.
Cover with aluminium antipode and place in roaster a baño maria. Now LOWER roaster according to cutlet instructions to 350 degrees. Cook for 1 hour.
Take out and MUST LET COOL before flipping and decorating if asked .( I added Dulce de Leche i made and Crushed Pecans).

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