fried funk SO crisp

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fried funk SO crisp
3 mugs each- purpose flour
soupspoons garlic swab
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
tablespoon flesh seasoning
mugs each- purpose flour
1 tablespoon swab
tablespoon ground black pepper
2 egg thralldom , beaten
1/2 mugs beer or water
1 quart vegetable oil painting for frying
1( 3 pound) whole funk, cut into pieces

In one medium coliseum, mix together 3 mugs of flour, garlic swab, 1 teaspoon black pepper, paprika and flesh seasoning. In a separate coliseum, stir together11/3 mugs flour, swab,1/4 tablespoon pepper, egg thralldom and beer. You may need to thin with fresh beer if the batter is too thick.
Toast the oil painting in a deep- range to 350 degrees F( 175 degrees C). Moisten each piece of funk with a little water, also dip in the dry blend. Shake off redundant and dip in the wet blend, also dip in the dry blend formerly more.
Precisely place the funk pieces in the hot oil painting. Shindig for 15 to 18 twinkles, or until well browned. lower pieces won’t take as long. Large pieces may take longer. Remove and drain on paper apkins before serving.

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