French Onion funk

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French Onion funk
4 Medium Boneless Chicken bone( 650- 700 grams in total)
3 mugs Thinly sliced unheroic onion
3 teaspoon Adulation
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
½ teaspoon diced Garlic
2 shoots Thyme
1 bay splint
½ mug Sot white wine
1 teaspoon Flour
1 mug Beef Broth
1.5 mug Gruyere rubbish
½ tablespoon Pepper
Salt to taste
Preheat the roaster to 350 F/ 180C. You’ll need to singe at the end. Pat dry funk bone. Using a meat mallet pound funk to indeed consistence. smoothly season with swab and pepper on both sides.
In a large roaster- evidence skillet, heat 1 teaspoon olive oil painting and 1 teaspoon adulation. When adulation starts to froth, sear funk bone for 3 twinkles on each side.
Remove funk bone from the skillet and keep it approximately covered with antipode while doing the rest of the way. To the same skillet heat remaining 2 soupspoons of adulation.
Add sliced onion. Saute for 7- 8 twinkles. Add a pinch of swab and cook on low-medium heat for another 25- 30 twinkles. Keep stirring sometimes to help onions from burning.
Meanwhile, Preheat roaster to 475 degrees. When the onions are unevenly golden brown, add diced garlic, thyme, and bay splint. Cook it for about 30 seconds until the raw garlic smell is gone.
Deglaze the visage with wine. Scrap the bottom of the visage to remove brown bits. let it poach for 6- 7 twinkles for the wine to reduce fully. Once the wine has reduced fully, add flour. Toss to cover and cook for 1- 2 twinkles, until the raw smell is no more.
sluggishly add beef stock to the skillet. Whisk well to make a smooth sauce. poach for 2 twinkles. Add funk bone back to the skillet. Top it with rubbish, singe for about 10 twinkles until funk is cooked through fully and crapola
are bubbly. Serve with mashed potatoes and flora.

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