Mini Trifle’s by Monowara Mohamed Bhamjee

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Mini Trifle’s by Monowara Mohamed Bhamjee

2 round store bought sponger galettes
Or make your own.
2 jeer jellies
2 greengage jellies
500 ml fresh cream
1 litre milk
6 Tblsp custard greasepaint
3- 4 Tblsp sugar. Or to taste
Pecan nuts for scenery

You can embellish with strawberries if you want.

Make all the jellies seperately as instructed
Place 1 greengage and 1 jeer in the freezer to set

Place the other 2 in the refrigerator to cool down but not set.
Make the custard by bringing the milk and sugar to boil

Dissolve the custard greasepaint in some milk and add it to the milk as soon as it start to boil. Lower heat and beat with a beater whilst adding the paste and keep on stirring until it thickens
Take it off the heat and let it get cold.
Beat the cream with 3- 4 Tblsp castor sugar until thick.

Crumb the cutlet and to the 1 add the 1 greengage jelly that’s cold but not set and mix well

Crumb the other 1 and add the jeer jelly that isn’t set. Mix well.

You can add a many drops of green colouring to the green and a many drops of red colouring to the red.
Cut the nuts up.

Make 1 subcaste mini trifle’s in small barrels by just layering
1 colour sponger

Add the same color jelly
Add custard

Pipe cream on top
Also embellish with strawberries & cut up pecan nuts

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