Chocoflan de Nutella

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Chocoflan de Nutella
1 Box Chocolate cutlet
1 can candied condensed milk
1 can faded milk
7 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla excerpt
Nonstick cuisine spray
Cajeta( coronado Mexican caramel beating)
5 tbsp of Nutella
Pecans, strawberries, dulce de leche, cream filled wafers( voluntary condiments for decoration)
Pre-heat roaster to 350. Make cutlet blend as directed in cutlet box.
Spray visage & add cajeta. Pour cutlet blend into visage.
Blend the 2 barrels of milk, 4 eggs, vanilla excerpt, & Nutella( this is your flan blend). Pour flan admixture into visage sluggishly.
Put Bundt visage into a larger visage with hot valve water( water bath). Singe for 60 twinkles- 70 twinkles( mine took 1 hr and 5 twinkles to completely cook).
Let it rest for 35 twinkles after it’s done cuisine. Flip cutlet & embellish it with the condiments of your choice!

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