Mocha Layer cutlet with Chocolate- Rum Cream FillingFILLING AND Beating


Mocha Layer cutlet with Chocolate- Rum Cream Filling

  • constituents 8 people
    ° 1 packet of tea biscuits
    ° 125gm soft adulation
    ° 125gm dark chocolate paste
    ° 60 grams of sugar
    ° 3 espresso coffee
    ° 1 egg
  • Preparation launch by preparing the chocolate buttercream melt the chocolate and let itcool.Meanwhile, beat the softened adulation with the whole egg also the sugar. Once the admixture is homogeneous, add the melted chocolate little by little. The adulation is ready to use.
    Let’s start assembling the cutlet, first we dip a small piece of biscuit in cold It’s better to dip it again as soon as you put it on the plate with a encounter. Put them side by side in a serving dish, and also pay attention to the choice of dish as it’ll be used for serving! The first subcaste of soaked biscuits is laid out, we can spread adulation cream on it, I do this with a cutter, being careful not to crush the biscuits. The first subcaste is complete, just start over until you run out of stock a subcaste of biscuits a subcaste of buttercream.
    Once you have the last subcaste of eyefuls on, cover them fully with buttercream.
    also cover with aluminum antipode and chill for 24 hours, or at least 48 hours if possible.
    Taking it out of fridge half an 1h ahead serve.
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