Chocolate sponger cutlet


Chocolate sponger cutlet

4 eggs
120 g sugar
80 g Greek yogurt
100 g vegetable oil painting
175 g flour
55 g cocoa
2 ladles of incinerating greasepaint
1 pinch of swab
400 g spreadable rubbish
100 g Greek yogurt
55 g cocoa
250 g condensed milk
100 g of water
50 g sugar
20 g liqueur
100 g dark chocolate
40 g milk
60 g adulation

  1. cutlet in a coliseum mix the eggs with sugar, oil painting and yogurt. Independently, blend flour, cocoa, incinerating greasepaint and swab. Combine the two composites and pour the admixture into a blockish visage. Singe at 200 degrees for 12- 15 twinkles.
  2. Cream blend the cream rubbish with the yogurt, cocoa and condensed milk.
  3. Wet dissolve the sugar in the water.
  4. Ganache Melt the chocolate in the milk, adulation and liqueur.
  5. Now assemble the cutlet and serve it.


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