Marshmallow snowball ladles form

Marshmallow snowball ladles formThese suitable snowball ladles are so easy to make and use just four constituents. Wrap them up in gleeful packaging and you’ve got manual Christmas gifts constituents 150g dark chocolate, broken into piecesdelicacy nightsticks( or 16 lollipop sticks)16 marshmallows4 tbsp desiccated coconut, or 6 tbsp sprinkles, stars, or hundreds and thousands( or […]


HOW TO COOK OGBONO hazeconstituents Ogbono win oil painting Sot fish Bank fish Beef swab Pepper( amalgamated) Crayfish( predicated) Seasoning cells Locust sap( okpei) Onion( diced) voluntary Pumpkin( ugu)Medications Soak the dry fish with hot water.*De-bone the fish and cut into asked size. Wash and slice the pumpkin and keep away. Cook the Meat using […]

How to cook Honey Muffins

How to cook Honey Muffins constituents;➡ 2 mugs flour➡1/2 mug sugar➡ 3t. incinerating greasepaint➡1/4t. swab➡ 1 egg➡ 1 mug milk➡ 4T. adulation, melted and cooled slightly➡1/4 mug honeyInstructions; ➡ Preheat an roaster to 400 ˚F. Line a 12 mug muffin visage with paper liners and wash with incinerating spray. Set away.➡ In a mixing coliseum, […]


Manual Bomb MERINGUE PIEconstituents1 mug white sugar2 tsp flour3 tsp cornstarchtsp swabc water2 failures, squeezed and grated2 soupspoons adulation4 egg thralldom , beaten( 9- inch) pie crust, ignitedegg whites6 soupspoons white sugarDirectionsPreheat the roaster to 350 degreesTo making bomb filling In saucepan, whisking 1 c sugar, flour, cornstarch, & swab. Adding water, bomb juice & […]