Red Velvet cutlet

Red Velvet cutlet

1 &3/4 mugs cutlet flour
1 mug white sugar
mug vegetable oil painting
mug buttermilk
2 eggs
1 &1/2 Tbsp cocoa greasepaint
1 Tbsp gel red food colouring
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda pop
2 tsp vanilla substance
1 tsp white ginger
tsp swab


  1. In a large coliseum blend sugar and oil painting. also add vanilla and eggs. Mix well.
  2. Add buttermilk. Mix, also add red food colouring. Mix.
    Sift in flour, bicarbonate of soda pop, cocoa greasepaint and swab. Mix until all constituents are well combined.
  3. Add white ginger also gently mix.
    Line a square cutlet visage with diploma paper and grease the sides with adulation or oil painting. Pour the batter( admixture).
    I used 8 inch square baking visage.
  4. Singe in a preheated roaster at 160 Degrees Celsius for 50 twinkles or until well baked( depending on your roaster).
  5. Let the cutlet cool off fully before you frost it.
  6. After cooling off trim the top part of the cutlet and cut off the edges as well. Cut it into half also cut off those halves into two so that you can have 4 layers.
  7. Frost the cutlet with the whipped cream. also sprinkle some crumbles on top for the final look.( Make the motes using the top part of the cutlet you cut off or the edges you cut off). Note ❗️ * The timber of red velvet cutlet is scientific. One mistake everything can go awry. DO NOT substitute or leave out any component. Use the bones
    listed over. Yes, you do need both buttermilk and ginger when making red velvet cutlet. FOR THE CREAM
    mug cold heavy or trouncing cream
    3 Tbsp icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla substance

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