Lemon Pastry Cream…

Lemon Pastry Cream…
Ideal for those of us who love citrus flavors and lemon.
3 tablespoons of Cornstarch
½ liter of liquid milk
2 tablespoons of Sugar
2 Lemon (the juice of both)
2 tablespoons lemon zest
1 egg yolk

  • We begin by pouring the milk into a bowl together with the egg yolk and beating for 1 or 2 minutes until it is integrated with the milk.
  • Add the cornstarch and mix for 2 minutes with a wooden spoon until it dissolves, obtaining a homogeneous mixture without lumps. If necessary, crush the cornstarch balls on the sides with the same spoon so that when cooking they do not harden and ruin the homemade pastry cream.
  • Cook the preparation over low heat and mix constantly with the wooden spoon, to avoid burning or sticking to the bottom.
    -Add the sugar along with the juice and lemon zest. Mix to perfume and flavor the preparation of our easy pastry cream.
    -Once the lemon pastry cream begins to boil and is thick, leave it on the heat for a few more seconds, then remove it and let it warm in a cool place.
    And this delicious lemon pastry cream is ready, to taste or share with whoever you want!
    TIPS If you have leftovers or prepare it the day before and need to store it, we advise you to cover it with cling film or a bag cut in half, to cover the easy pastry cream before putting it in the fridge to prevent it from forming a very thick or crusty cream

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