BIscoff Cookie Pie

BIscoff Cookie Pie
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300g plain biscuits
150g Unsalted Adulation
480 ml Double Cream
500g Cream rubbish
120g Icing Sugar
150g Mars Bar, diced
ml Caramel sauce, melted
g Mars Bar, diced


  1. Melt adulation, crush biscuits and combine in a saucepan. Press into the base of a cutlet drum and set away.
  2. Whisk cream with icing sugar and cream rubbish, also add gobbets of Mars into the admixture.
  3. ladle over the biscuit base and chill for a minimum of six hours.
  4. formerly set, mizzle caramel sauce over the cutlet and embellish with leftover gobbets of Mars and chocolate slices.
    Happy baking everybody! 🥰

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