Manual GUMMIES 😋


1 kg of refined sugar
2 mugs of water
4 soupspoons unflavored gelatin
1 box of gelatin flavor
of your choice
Sugar for dusting
Jujube, delicious and various, pleases children and grown-ups who love sweets!


  1. In a saucepan, blend
    the water in a bain- marie with the unflavored and seasoned gelatins.
  2. As soon as the jellies melt, add the sugar and stir well until all the sugar is dissolved.
  3. When it boils, keep stirring for about 5 twinkles and turn off
    the heat( the admixture should be liquid and homogeneous).
  4. In a earth greased
    with margarine, pour
    the admixture and let it
    rest for about 24 hours
    so that it takes on a
    firm thickness( you
    can cover the earth
    with a kitchen kerchief,
    if you want).
  5. The coming day, take
    the dough out of the earth, cut it into small pieces and give it the shape you want.
  6. To finish, pass the jujube through the sugar and stay for it to dry. Now just enjoy!
  7. still, just stay another 2 days( after this last step) to test the sticky bear, If you prefer the gummies to be more harmonious.

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